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Home owners can get Subsidy up to Rs. 94,822/- for installing Solar Panel at their Residence


Govt./MNRE (Ministry of New & Renewable Energy) with a motive to simplify the Rooftop Solar Subsidy in Residential Sector launched the DBT (Direct Beneficiary Transfer) Scheme, wherein beneficiary/consumer who want to install solar project at his house can apply at the national portal and get the system installed from the desired vendor and once the system installed as per the parameters and procedures of the scheme. The beneficiary will get the subsidy amount directly in to his account with in 30 days of all the formalities done as per the scheme.

Process for installation of Rooftop Solar system at residential house under simplified procedure:-

The applicants willing to install rooftop solar system under simplified procedure will be required to apply through National Portal. In order to register at National Portal the applicant will require an active mobile number and an active e-mail id. The applicant will also have to download SANDES APP for received OTP.

For complete process you can download the help document.

CFA (Central Financial Assistance)/ Subsidy Calculation under DBT Scheme:-

Govt. has fixed the amount of subsidy payable by Govt. on per KW basis, which is Rs. 14588/KWp for projectss up to 3 KW and for projects above 3 KW and up to 10 KW, it will be Rs. 14588/- per kW for first 3 kW and thereafter Rs. 7294/- per kW. For projects above 10 KW, Subsidy is fixed at Rs. 94,822/ KWp.

  • Up to 3 kW :- Rs. 14588/- per kW

  • Above 3 kW and up to 10 kW Rs. 14588/- per kW for first 3 kW and thereafter Rs. 7294/- per kW

  • Above 10 kW Rs. 94822/- fixed

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